Grow your Co-Working Space with a Members Benefits Portal

Co-working spaces are big in the UK, with London holding the largest proportion of co-working facilities of any city in the world, with over one in ten new commercial leases in the city being signed for new co-working spaces¹. So how do you make your co-working space stand out from the competition?

At Touchpoint we love to help our clients recruit more members so their co-working space can keep growing even stronger. By incorporating (or enhancing) a members’ benefits package, your space can become even more attractive to prospective members and grow quicker as well as helping you to retain more existing members.

4 Benefits of a Co-Working Members Benefits Portal

1. Add instant value for money to your members’ subscriptions
Enhance your membership experience – with discounts from everyday shopping, cinema tickets and holidays to discounted gyms, wellbeing resources and learning and development courses, your members will soon be talking about what else they get for their money instead of what they have to pay for desk space!

2. Bring members together to one hub & build a community
It’s important for your members’ wellbeing that they feel part of a community. Our digital platform enables custom branding and a personalised service for your co-working space so you can connect your members to one space. By providing your own branded portal with access to health and wellbeing tools, learning and development courses plus your own co-workspace news and events, your members will feel truly valued and part of a bigger positive workplace culture.

3. One hub, one noticeboard, one engaged community
With one platform accessible to all members anytime, anyplace, at home or at work, they are more likely to be engaged, connected and loyal to your co-working space. You will find it easy to keep in touch with your members; give them help and support, and signpost them to any workplace wellness programmes, learning and development courses and lifestyle savings for themselves and family members.

4. Attracting new members is easier than ever.
There are millions of freelancers and micro-business owners who are sitting in their pyjamas at their desk right now working (or maybe checking Facebook…). These people can often get lonely, get distracted easily, and most importantly have no-one around to support them if they need a helping hand! Reaching them, through targeted social media campaigns can help to attract them as members of your community – offering them an exciting and enhanced benefits package may help you seal the deal!

We offer a wide range of products and services including wellbeing and lifestyle offers to help members stay active, connected and happy. To see what we could do for your co-working space and your members, get in touch today and book a demo.

[1] Retrieved 22/05/2019